wedding videographer in vancouver

If you are interested in wedding videography, you may identify the difference in RAW, ProRes and H.264 compression codecs easily.

TVC Studios was my wedding video production company in Asia, so I have all rights to show my old videos here

Most of the people do not know the difference and do not even see the difference in raw and mjpg footage. Actually, they do not need to know the difference. Video must be good and that is it. It is the job of videographer to make that video footage looks good. But, there are some issues with that video. It costs more and takes a lot of time. If you want to work with RAW or ProRes files, you should have a powerful editing system and really good skills in color correction.

Color correction and color grading are extremely time-consuming procedures. Not so many professionals want to deal with color correction and color grading as you have to go thru every frame sequence to make that colors match. That is why color correction may cost more than filming and editing combined. Professional color grading work was a nightmare for any videographer and cinematographer until recently. Our voice was heard. Black Magic added new features to their new cameras that help a lot in acquiring the right colors. It is the time when we shout "how could we live without that before?". Let`s face it. Rain will be here forever. It is not going anywhere. We have 60% of rainy and cloudy days a year, and the weather is always not so good for filming. There are two options to get video that rich in colors on a rainy day. First one is to shoot in ProRes or RAW. The second one is to wait for the perfect sunny day.

If you live in Vancouver for some time, you know that there is always a huge possibility for the rain and a small one for the sun. Probably, that is why we do not have a lot of real estate videos, as they all look gray and sad. It is time to change it. Now you can have your color-rich photos and videos in any weather.

TVC Studios was my wedding video production company in Asia, so I have all rights to show my old videos here, as they were shot and edited by me. It was quite interesting time, but soon I got really tired of weddings and drunk clients. Web site is still online and you can check my works for past 6 years. Just click here.