video production. Vancouver,BC

If you are searching for affordable and professional videographer in Vancouver - look no further, you are in the right spot. I will beat any price for the similar gear specifications.

video production. Vancouver

If you search for video production services in Vancouver, you will come across hundreds of ads online. Technically they all the same. Every videographer and video production studio tells that they are the best in the video production industry. I will share one secret with you, the best cinematographer or videographer is so busy that he does not need any advertising in Google. It means that there are no bad or good videographers up there, we all need to learn a lot.

videographer vs big name video production

If you need to cover a live event, you need some big company for sure. If it is a family video, you can make it yourself. Even making a video commercial does not require a big budget anymore. You may shoot it on your iPhone and upload it online for free. If your video has something unique, it will become popular in no time. You do not need an advertising agency to promote your services if they are competent. You need a professional with a strong creative vision, but not a fancy advertising manager. Sometimes a small video production company will create a masterpiece for less money you can imagine.

we all have 4k 10bit cinemacamers now

Right now any videographer can afford 4K camera that shoot in ProRes or RAW. Those days when small production video companies could not afford professional cameras are gone. There are no more price tags for a camera with five zeros. Every camera in a price range between 2 000 and 5 000 dollars will produce the same high-quality video as 100k camera 20 years ago. Now it is all about the videographer. It is all about the person, finally.

affordable video production

Thanks to Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K we finally have an affordable cinema camera, that shoots real cinematic video. It gives you the flexibility in post-production to do virtually anything with your video. I am glad that we finally have an affordable replacement for an m-jpg format.