weddings vs real estate videos

If you are searching for affordable and professional videographer in Vancouver - look no further, you are in the right spot. I will beat any price for the similar gear specifications.

Local Vancouver videographer

I am your local Vancouver videographer with more than 15 years experience in video production. I want you to have the best real estate video that will be affordable and professional. I have more than 500 different videos in my portfolio, mostly weddings, but I have some commercial videos too. Some of them were returning customers, but wedding business does not rely on returning and liable customers, you know why.

I still love weddings

It took me some time to realized, that wedding videography and a real estate videography have many things in common, except there is no so much stress in making property videos. When you film weddings, there are some scenes, when you have no second chance. You have to do it right from the very first shot. It is an especially stressful situation when the crowd blocks you and you do not see what is going on. You get paid for filming and not for standing. If there is no way to film that scene and you do not have that footage, it is your problem and good luck with explaining that to a bride. Real estate videography is opposite to that. There will be no drunk guests and a screaming crowd. You always have a second try and some time to think about composition. But that is why I like weddings, you learn fast.

Codecs and fps to choose

You may choose M-JPG, Raw or ProRes at 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 fps

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Angel`s Video is my video production company located in Vancouver, serving both consumers and corporate customers.