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Hi! My name is Will Ax. I have more than 300 weddings, 100-s of events, around 50 commercials in my portfolio since I started filming in 2004. I'm in Vancouver, BC and provide video services all around Metro Vancouver area. I charge per hour, so if you have a small project, and looking for affordable videographer in Vancouver, BC - call me, I will give you the best price for RAW cinematic video. I worked for TV and have more than 15 years of experience in video production.

I am the operator and owner with more than 15 years of experience in video production. On the off chance that you have any inquiries whatsoever kindly don't delay to get in touch with me!

Better video prores and raw

Angel`s Video is my video production company located in Vancouver, serving both consumers and corporate customers. My main goal is to offer our customers the most cinematic video they can get in Vancouver for the most reasonable price.

I use Ronin - S gimball for better stabilization. Different lenses are available such as wide angle Tokina 16mm, telephoto up to 400mm and classic portrait fixed premium lense. I shoot in ProRes or in Cinema DNG. The same video codec is used for feature film production, and it gives you that cinematic feelings. So, why do you want to shoot your million dollar property with some limited DSLR consumer cameras such as Sony, Nikon or Canon. And practically 90% of all videographers in Vancouver shoot MJPEG and never inform clients that they provide unprofessional consumer video and call it professional one.

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Those cameras (except only super expensive ones) will not give your potential client that rich feelings, because they just shoot in MJPG, so avoid motion jpeg and your video will have that cinematic look. If you are looking for an affordable videographer in Vancouver that work with RAW video do not hesitate and contact me. I will give the best price with real professional video quality.

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The Angel`s Video video tours showcases the brilliance and uniqueness of your house, inside and out. After seeing a real estate video and get the idea of that place, it’s very hard not to call up the realtor who put up the video. Everyone watches videos and they will watch before they buy. Good real estate videos is a very powerful tool to market your property and sell it at higher value.

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