videographer rates in vancouver

If you are searching for affordable and professional videographer in Vancouver - look no further, you are in the right spot. I will beat any price for the similar gear specifications. Lets have a look at videographer rates in Vancouver.

Vancouver videographer rates

The average rate is 100 dollars per hour in Vancouver. That is an average rate just for shooting without editing work. If you think that it is a lot and you multiply that for 40 hours per week, you are wrong.

there is no "40 hours per week"

First of all, nobody works for 8 hours per day on a daily basis. We have some busy weekends, but sometimes it is very quiet. Videography business is not an ordinary business where you invest and get premium. It is more like an art. If you are an artist, you understand.

Videographer vs camera owner

Lots of guys with decent cameras think that they are videographers. It is not a camera, first of all. It is a point of view. The way you capture that moment is different and unique. You choose settings and composition that is right just for your eyes. Make sure that your client knows what you are doing and he is happy with what you are doing. Also, make sure that you do not save bad shots and delete them right away.

Cinematographer rates

Anyway, if you know how to make good videos you rate as a videographer will be much higher than 100 dollars per hour. To make you feel poor after that think of $2 000 per hour, that is the rate of a good cinematographer with a proper camera. A filming crew is extra. That is why being a videographer is just a way of life.

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