THE Ogden point, $500

I will make a video of you walking there, sitting on the beach and enjoying sunset. Same equipement, same lenses, as in this video. 24 hours turn around time. We can walk back to Goverment building.

Filming will take 120 minutes of your time. Sorry, it is a long process.

The Ogden Point Breakwater is a popular walk near downtown Victoria that follows the cement structure from Dallas Road out towards on the Juan de Fuca Strait to a lighthouse on its furthest end. The area gives people an opportunity to see Victoria's busy harbour traffic as cruise ships, ferries, sailboats, float planes, helicopters and more all pass through the area to reach Victoria. Wildlife is also commonly spotted along the breakwater, from seagulls playfully gliding through the harbour winds to seals hanging around as fishermen cast their lines from the edges of the breakwater.

From Dallas Road, walk along the path and out onto the breakwater. It was only in 2013 that railings were installed along the route as the sides used to have nothing between the path and the cement blocks below. Continue walking along the route, taking moments to look back in both directions at the scenic harbour views. As the breakwater curves right, you’ll notice more marine traffic coming and going from the Victoria harbour area. Not much further and you reach the end at the lighthouse, offering vies looking south the Juan de Fuca Strait, west to Macaulay Point Park in Esquimalt, and north towards the James Bay area. Back a few meters along the route from the lighthouse, there is a metal gate with stairs where it is possible to walk down to the area below. A word of caution, the large cement blocks can be very slippery when wet and winds, waves, and the tide can make things unpredictable, so walking down and along the cement blocks at the lower level is done at your own risk.