Free photography

videoographer vs photographer

Your real estate video already has 24 photos in every second of your video. So, the reasonable question is, why do you need to hire an additional real estate photographer? If we shoot in 4K, still images can be saved in 8mp resolution. It is more than enough for any online marketing. I will do it for you for free and provide you with 25 real estate photos at no extra charge. If you already have a real estate video and want to have photos right now, just follow these easy steps. Just "print screen" what you like in video and transfer any moment in high quality photo. Do you think it is difficult? No it is not.

Windows PCs make it so easy to capture screenshots, there's a dedicated key on your keyboard for it: PrtScn (or Print Screen or PrtSc, depending on your keyboard). Tap that key, and Windows will copy a screenshot of your entire screen to your clipboard, which you can then paste into a document or blank Paint canvas to save.


For more specific screenshots, Windows has built-in keyboard shortcuts for screenshots: Copy full screen screenshot to clipboard: PrtScn Save full screen screenshot: Windows Key + PrtScn (or Windows Key + Volume Down on a tablet) Copy screenshot of single window: Alt + PrtScn Save screenshot of single window: Windows Key + Alt + PrtScn Have a Microsoft Surface tablet or laptop? Instead of the PrtScn key, here are the keyboard shortcuts to use: Copy full screen screenshot to clipboard: Fn + Space Copy screenshot of single window: Fn + Alt + Space Save full screen screenshot: Fn + Windows Key + Space


  1. 90% of a message is retained when people watch a video
  2. 95% of consumers find videos helpful when looking for a house
  3. 70% of consumers say that videos leave a positive impression
  4. 75% of home sellers would prefer to show not only photos
  5. 70% of all mobile traffic will be video