Infographics in property videos

“More information per second”

There are many reasons to use infographics in your property video which you should not ignore. Infographics is engaging, entertaining and informative - who doesn’t love a good professional looking real estate video? Become an expert infographic maker in no time is easy, just spend 10 hours a day redoing aftereffects template and within a month you will be doing that with your eyes closed. Choosing from the huge range of template designs and pre-made scenes, designed especially for real estate digital marketing is the perfect tool to quickly edit and make infographic videos. Do you want to dive into it? If no, let me do it for you.

Call out titles

  • A good title communicates important information about a property to potential clients and informs them while watching. Highlight important characteristics of the property or neighborhood. For example, “3 BR/2 Baths” or “French Style Flat in Modern District.”
  • Adding up to 10 animated titles will make your video more informative and attract attention. This is extra but it is worth it.

Animated titles

Marketing slogans are the best when using in form of animated video titles. They attract more attention, enhace your video a lot and helps your client to make a decision.

More info per second

Describe your best spots in house with informative text. Pointing attention to details with brief explanation is a good way to sell your house at higher price.