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Researching a live streaming platform comparison can be overwhelming, as there are many factors to keep in mind to find the best solution for you or your organization. You want a live streaming platform for your event in Victoria BC, that is stable and has all the features you want, and won’t break your budget.

Important features for live streaming like privacy, distribution, and end-user features help define the content you stream and the audience that watches your live events. Businesses in Victoria BC looking to brand their content, for instance, will need the ability to white-label web players and remove a platform’s logo from their page. For smaller organizations and businesses, users tend to bump up against platform ads on their page. Fortunately, a few of the below platforms offer an ad-free player, and ad-free user experience, at any level of subscription.


The ability to customize how your content is delivered and how it can help to grow your business or organization is paramount for so many producers. Most of the platforms detailed here have their own proprietary web-player, but what if you want to integrate that player into a custom app? For that, you’ll need a public API: programmatic access to the live streaming platform that allows your developer to customize the experience as you see fit. Livestream Enterprise customers have access to a public API that offers backend code for seamless app-integration, including an HTML5 player that is optimized for mobile traffic.

Live video stream your meeting, conference, sport or event with Angels Video. Web cast services in Victoria BC and many BC regions.


As always, there are hidden costs that might just convince you to pay for a solution instead of using this one. There's a time cost. While the live events option is free for YouTube account holders “in good standing”, it's not designed for use for regularly scheduled events. Each event that you create on YouTube has to be scheduled individually. There just isn't a good way to say to the interface that, “We're going to be streaming every Sunday morning at 11:00 am.” Assuming you'd like a static URL where you can send people to watch the service when it's live, you have a problem. Since it's designed for individual events (and thus each event has a unique url), you need to re-embed each service you have on your website. Forget to do it and the people who normally show up there won't see a the current week. Google isn't known for customer service, either. You can't just send an email to a person who handles odd issues. There are video tutorials, help files, scripts, etc., but talking to a real human is difficult to do. If you have a problem, you might not be able to find a solution, at least not quickly. There's a potential legal cost. When I first tried live-streaming with YouTube, I didn't realize a bigger potential problem — copyright. On March 13, 2007, Viacom filed a lawsuit against Google and YouTube alleging copyright infringement. Google won that lawsuit (although it's still in appeal). As a result, they saw a vulnerability in the video sharing site. People were uploading copyrighted works. You get what you pay for…and some things do have hidden costs... Now, an automatic system alerts copyright holders when there are suspected violations. Perhaps this has prevented further lawsuits, but it has other results.

Consider this truth: the importance of your content will not help people get past the quality of the delivery. Most people, especially in the industrialized world, have access to fast Internet connections. The question isn't whether they'll have access to video content when and wherever they desire. The question is, “Why would they choose to watch yours?” Don't make the mistake of thinking that the importance of the content will help people get past the quality of the delivery. This is the mistake many clients make. They assume that importance of the message will cause people to engage and overlook poor quality. They won't. Instead, viewers will assume that if something suffers from low quality that it must not be important. You're not competing with film students or beginners. You're competing with Hollywood. They make some of the least important ideas and stories—those designed purely for entertainment. Hollywood makes them seem important because of the care and effort put into their delivery.

There is good news, though. While the standards aren't yet set in stone, 4K/UHD looks like it's going to be the next step in the growth of television. It wasn't that long ago (2006) that television stations in the United States switched from analog to digital. Many made the switch to HD at the same time, although SD stations do still exist. Now, just nine years later, will they all want to start broadcasting in UHD? Most HD equipment from 2006 wasn't made to transition so soon. Today you can buy gear that will do both HD and UHD. Many traditional media outlets don't have the luxury of “flipping a switch” to change again so soon.

Small business have an opportunity to fill the gap, though, stepping into the UHD transition sooner rather than later. This is particularly true of your clients in Victoria BC in two situations. Some are ready to upgrade to 4K and want their video shoot in 4k only. Others haven't yet begun using even full hd video and can jump directly into the new standard. These clients could get UHD equipment as soon as the new standards are decided. In doing so, they could have quality that not only rivals traditional media, but leaves it in the dust. If you currently own a UHD display, your choices of content in Victoria BC are pretty limited. Some user-generated video sites (like YouTube) do, as well. Cable and satellite don't. Most terrestrial television stations don't either. Placing yourself in the shoes of the early-adopter/videophile who just got a UHD display, what do you use to show it off to friends? You can't yet run to the local video kiosk and rent a plastic disc that has the full quality of the information your display can show; not yet.

Rooting through the cat videos on YouTube for 4K user-generated videos is difficult right now. Even finding just the best movies on Netflix may be easier said than done.

What if? What if, you know that you can go to a website that will allow you to download new content every week? Right here in Victoria BC, What if you can watch it live, on-demand, or downloaded? Whether you agreed with the content or not, would you consider using it to show off your television? Can you put aside the comfort of “what we've always done”? You can step up into live streaming, on-demand video, and podcasting in 4K. Is what you're doing “good enough for this world”? May be it sound too cheesy, but i did it for SEO, I could easily inform you that 4K live streaming services in Victoria BC is available at Angels Video.

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  • High quality. Any bandwidth. Broadcast your events in full HD with adaptive streaming, giving your viewers the best quality across devices, even with limited bandwidth. And when your event is over, it’s auto-archived in up to 4K.
  • We manage every aspect of your event seamlessly: choose who sees your video with password protection and embed permissions; stay on-brand with a fully customizable player; and do it all without overages, viewer limits, or ads.
  • Keep them tuned in. Boost viewer engagement before, during, and after your events with audience chat, live polls, email capture, and custom calls-to-action. And keep an eye on everything in real-time with advanced analytics.

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