Most Lucrative Jobs in Film / Video

Catchy nicknames that no doubt further the entertainment industry’s reputation as a source of untold riches for those fortunate enough to slip a foot in the door. A reputation, as any self-made filmmaker will tell you, that is about as authentic as most of the pouty lips and cup sizes that grace said silver screen. Hollywood is one of the largest sources of legal revenue in the entire world. Yet although it takes many hands to keep such a prodigious industry afloat, the distribution of wealth is overwhelmingly disproportionate. Here is a brief list of the most lucrative jobs the film industry has to offer (in no particular order). \

The entertainment industry remains one of the world’s top revenue streams, and the sheer amount of content produced each year makes it possible to make a living performing a number of industry-related jobs. Despite the sizable box office receipts brought in each year, only a handful of positions pay a proportionate salary to the net profit a project earns. Some of the highest paying entertainment jobs include directors, producers, screenwriters, art directors, CG artists and animators, editors, reporters, business owners, reporters, and animal trainers. Many of the figures in this article are base salaries according to union guidelines, so the amount one can expect to earn for a similar role is negotiable and not guaranteed.