Classic wedding film

“It is all about best moments”


The "Classic Wedding Film" package is an amazing way to cut expenses and get an exciting cinematic film.

One professional cameraman with assistant can do a lot compare to any of your friend with a decent camera.There is no doubt, that your friend is the BEST photographer or videographer in the world, but it is your friend. Let him have some fun and take pictures for fun. We will do the hard work. Yes, it is not a full day complete coverage, as there is only one cameraman with two cameras.

Probably, it is more than fine to capture the day from beginning to end on your cell phones. It all depends on your point of view at that particular moment thru years.

The ceremony will be shot from 2 cameras, as well as the reception. The second camera will be unmaned and will shoot wide everything around. Of course, we will have to cut a lot for final film, and you get 60 minutes of edited footage. Probably, it is more than fine if you do not like long videos. You will get raw footage anyway, so you can watch that long scenes any time you want in unedited raw format, which is nice too sometimes.

COST $1200:

  • 1 Videographer (up to 10 hours)
  • 60-90 Minute finished film
  • Highlights video (5-10 minutes)
  • Bride & groom getting ready preparations
  • Dual camera ceremony & reception
  • Interview with family and friends
  • Lovely soundtrack
  • Full HD Digital versions
  • Raw footage