I specialize in videography


Photos and videos are two absolutely different things. I believe, that it should be a person, who is an expert in videography and photography, but I have never met one. I specialize only in video.

Affordable videographY

“I’m glad you’re here! and I hope you’re here because you’re looking for an affordable and professional videographer in Vancouver, BC.
Video and photos may seem similar, but they are different. I think you understand, that I am not a photographer, and I do not make real estate photos. I specialize in videography, and I know that subject well.


I am not a photographer

So, if you need real estate photos of your house, you know up front, that it is not me. I do not know any good real estate photographers, and I can not recommend anybody in Vancouver. All photographers have stunning property photos. I do not see the difference between one and another studio. Probably, because I am not a photographer and I do not want to be a photographer. I work in video production for a long time and do not want to change much. I can create a video teaser and feel comfortable working with Premiere, After Effect, Audition, and even Photoshop, but have no idea how to use LightRoom.

freelance videographer in vancovuer

I make videos. I make good videos. I can say that, as I have around thousand of videos in my portfolio, and I got paid for every one of them. If people buy, it can't be so bad. Otherwise, I would not be able to sell them and have good reviews from customers. I used to work with big production studios and know the process of creating video from A to Z. If you want to have affordable and professional video footage you have come to the right place.


Real estate photography has it`s own standards that unacceptable in property videos, such as removing shades and holding vertical lines all the time. Video is different and have it`s own standards, like color mixing of scenes or ultra smooth shots from point A to B without intermidiate turns and path changing.


Property videos perform best when filmed in sunny weather. Call Angel`s Video about making a strong piece of content that will help you sell your property through our rainy days in Vancouver, BC. I think, you should just love Vancouver weather to bring that cozy feeling of your house in rainy days. I love rain, do you?