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Affordable videography in Vancouver, BC.

Real estate videography in vancouver, bc.

Cinematic real estate videos showcasing the highlights of the property is a great way to attract potential clients with social media. Real estate videos can give a more personal connection and provide a trustworthy experience for prospective customers. Using more neutral scenes in property video will help viewer to feel the atmosphere of your place and make another step to final decision.

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Vancouver videography services in real estate business. Bring your listing to life with a cinematic real estate video. Videos are the fastest growing segment of online marketing with proven results on Facebook.

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I provide real estate videography services in Vancouver and across Metro Vancouver area in BC, Canada. I will also visit Whistler, Victoria, Nanaimo, Sunshine Cost, White Rock or Squamish for a little extra.

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High impact property videos are a great way to highlight the lifestyle and sell the dream. If you're looking for effective real estate video production services in Vancouver, get in touch with Angel`s Video today!


why do you need real estate video

Real estate videos and visual tours used by realtors and investors to focus on the positive attributes of a property will help you to sell your house fast at great value. Look at this numbers, seventy three percent of house owners watch real estate videos when they search for a new place and practically everyone will be glad to watch property video, in addition to photos.


Free real estate photos

videographer vs photographer

Your real estate video already has 24 photos in every second of your video. So, the reasonable question is, why do you need to hire an additional real estate photographer?

Your real estate video already has 24 photos in every second. So, the reasonable question is, why do you need to hire an additional real estate photographer?

I can foresee the reaction of photographers. You know guys, it is not a wedding session when we need your f1,4 prime lens on a full frame Hasselblad. You may fool a client with stories about your expensive prime lens Zeiss f2 while shooting wide closed on f8. I have heard stories on the technical specifications that affect photos but look at Remax website. It seems that real estate photographer cares only about vertical lines and composition. All real estate photos look alike and have little or no personality what so ever. Those real estate photos are good, but they do not add extra value to a house. Those pictures do not scream "Buy Me" and do not affect on client`s choice.

Real estate videos and video tours

Real estate videos have more influence and selling power than any photo, slideshow and floorplan combined. Why? I do not know, maybe you know. Ask yourself why do you have to watch a movie trailer before you go to a cinema and why film posters do not work so good on you. Probably, because any photo is just a part of some video, and you do not see the whole picture, that is why.

Conclusion: you need a real estate video.

  1. 90% of a message is retained when people watch a video
  2. 95% of consumers find videos helpful when looking for a house
  3. 70% of consumers say that videos leave a positive impression
  4. 75% of home sellers would prefer to show not only photos
  5. 70% of all mobile traffic will be video